Monday, September 19, 2011

Chemistry; An Atomic Bomb

I don't know what it is about chemistry honors, but I somehow just don't understand it. My brain just refuses to accept any information in the class. Maybe it's because I ended up with the teacher who shoves notes in your face then expects you to understand the material, or I just suck at something involving math (my worse subject). Or maybe it's the fact that simple problems involving converting from an unknown ammount of ammonia to 45 moles of nitrogen then all the way to 6.02 x 10^23 grams of hydrogen mess with my brain. Some kids in my class are amazing at it, they can do a ten-step problem in less then 5 minutes, whereas it takes me half an hour. If I could, I'd switch from the class into a marine-biology class, floating my way to an A. Unfortunately, most 4-year colleges demand seeing chemistry as a course taken in high school in order for acceptance.

Guess I need to get my atoms together. Get it?

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