Monday, September 26, 2011

Pierce The Veil/Miss May I Co-headlining Tour

One show I'm really excited to seeing over any other show would have to be the Pierce The Veil/Miss May I Co-headlining Tour. The band Woe, Is Me is also on the tour with them, featuring their new clean vocalist that they have kept a secret for so long. No one knows much about him other than that his name is Hance Alligood. He is said to be an amazing vocalist, maybe even better than their former vocalist, Tyler Carter. Tyler has brought this band up so high, and left to do a project of his own, leaving the band in the hands of Hance Alligood. To the left is a picture I took of Miss May I at Warped Tour this year. Pierce the Veil and Miss May I never dissappoint, so it'll be great to see them, and see how the new Woe, Is Me is :-)

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