Tuesday, September 6, 2011

How to Watch Movies in 2011

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The art of the film has expanded from a short series of still images to major motion pictures. Along with this change came the transformation in how audiences watch movies.
Today, virtually any film ever created is available through a few clicks. Movies that once could only be watched in a theater can now be enjoyed from a variety of mobile devices or through physical renting. The choice is yours:
Blockbuster popularized video/DVD renting and the idea of "borrowing" movies. The company, now in the process of declaring bankruptcy, pioneered the system of low rates and late fees for customers missing return deadlines. Stores around the nation are quickly closing, but those that have survived the financial problems continue to provide a fairly extensive selection of movies. The company recently expanded to include standalone kiosks and DVD-by-mail methods of renting with Blockbuster.
For a $1 a night, Redbox provides recent releases through standalone kiosks located in grocery stores, convenience stores, pharmacies, restaurants, etc. With more red-colored machines showing up all through out the country, Redbox is proving itself to be a major competitor in the rental business due its convenience.
Netflix took out one step from the classic renting process by allowing movie deliveries through the mail. The introduction of a catalog of movies and plans entirely on the Internet allowed customers to choose the exact movie renting experience they wished for in the comfort of their own home. They eliminated late fees and launched instant streaming capabilities, partnering up with companies like Playstation and Nintendo. Netflix users can stream movies from their gaming consoles or other entertainment devices. iPhone and iPad apps are also available.
iTunes/Vudu/On Demand
At varying prices, these services allow instant download of nearly any movie directly to your TV. Customers can choose visual/audio quality of download and with corresponding rates.
"Other" Methods
Illegal downloading...

Teenlink readers, how do you rent and watch your movies?

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