Monday, September 5, 2011

Goodbye Summer, Hello Autumn

Ever since the beginning of school, it has felt like the summer has unexpectedly crept away and fall is slowly taking it's place. Even with the hurricane scares, Irene in our past, summer just seems like a nuisance rather than a celebration.

Today I could feel the early days of Fall. There was a swift breeze, and the palm trees made that wonderful sound they do when there are abrupt winds. The sun felt a little cooler in turn, and it was a perfect day for the pool, a great activity for Labor day. With these days in our past, and many more in our future, we'll slowly get used to the cooler temperatures, and of course, once November and December are present on our calendars, we'll without doubt be wearing two pairs of pants and the longest, thickest shirt we can find in our closets.

I always felt like Floridians exaggerated the cold. We're freezing in less than 65 degrees Fahrenheit weather while the folks up north and trying to dig themselves out of the snowstorm. It's always fun to talk about how ridiculous we act around the fall and winter seasons, but the truth is, most of us don't know what goes on farther up North!

A lot of my friends have been born and raised in South Florida, and only occasionally taking vacation trips north, never past St. Augustine or Georgia though. We don't know what the cold feels like, we don't know how to act around it. Sure, it may be a little over the top to wear leather gloves in 70 degrees weather, but if that's the only way to keep warm what else are we supposed to do? We're immune to the beating sun on our backs and the sticky humidity, it's in our blood. But snow?

What's snow?

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Tomás Monzón said...

Different people are used to different extremes of temperature, I suppose. I applaud myself for being able, like most Floridians, to stand the incredible heat sometimes. It makes me feel POWERFUL! hahahahaha