Monday, September 12, 2011

Phones: Oh So Useful for Showtimes

Instead of waiting in line at the movie theater and hoping that the movie you want to see is playing at that same time, why not use your phone beforehand?

Moviefone and Fandango are great apps to have on your phone to see showtimes and even get tickets to movies before even getting to the theater!

Not to mention that they're free!

And now even popular movie theater chains have their own apps, so you can have an app for your favorite theater.

These apps also give you a synopsis of the movie, reviews and ratings from viewers and critics, and some even let you watch short clips of the movies, or trailers.

I use these apps all the time on my iPhone, and I also know they are available for many other smartphones including on the Android market.

These are great free, and useful apps that you'll be sure to be constantly using if you're a movie buff like I am.

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