Monday, September 26, 2011

PAN AM Takes Off

The new ABC series PAN AM debuted last night with a great first episode.

The series is about stewardesses of the PAN AM 1960s airline, their stories, and their journeys on and off the job.

A lot of the things in the series actually happened in real life all those years ago. Many old PAN AM stewardesses recall having to go through countless weigh-ins and measurements before being picked to be stewardesses on the planes

Critics had already been raving about it, their comments appearing on countless trailers and teasers from ABC.

In my opinion, it was fabulous. An honest modern American soap opera filled with everything a girl would dream of watching in a show. There is romance, espionage, and comedy. All set in a vintage 1960s setting that is too cute to be true.

And already the plot has begun to unfold.....

Watch PAN AM Sundays at 10 pm on ABC, especially if you're a girl who appreciates a good soap opera, it won't disappoint.

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