Monday, September 5, 2011

Chewing Gum

I like to talk to people, not usually in a group because that's too many distractions for me but more like one on one conversations. Talking one on one with people seem much easier to me because I like to keep eye contact when talking. But if there is one thing that I hate for people to do when I'm talking to them, especially one on one, is to chew their gum with their mouth open.

Now I have no problem with people chewing gum when we're talking but if you're chewing with your mouth open, looking like a cow then I just can't talk to you. It's just disturbing, and that's something coming from me since I don't find much disturbing, but it's just wrong and people need to stop with it. Especially girls, I don't know if you think it's cute or something when you chew with your mouth open when talking to a guy or something but you guys just need to stop cause it's not.

And then to make it worse some people who I kindly ask to chew with their mouth close decide that I really mean for them to chew with their mouth open even faster than before. And then when they see me getting frustrated they laugh and show even more of that disgusting, chewed up gum in their mouth.

Why do people have to chew with their mouths open, i don't know why. Does it makes the gum taste any better or keeps the flavor going for any longer than it would with their mouth closed? Somebody tell me because I want really would like to know. I don't really care if you're chewing gum with you're mouth opened when you're alone or away from me but if you're ever speaking to me, please don't do it.

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