Thursday, September 1, 2011

The Woes of (Un)Organization

I start off every year with the best intentions: keep organized, keep organized, keep organized. When I go school shopping at the end of summer, I buy tabs and label makers and highlighters all in the hopes of maybe having a year where I don't lose every paper that is handed out to me. Alas, it is no use. After the exciting rush of the first week is over, I find myself once again bored with school, and my shiny pens, pencils, and folders, all color coordinated by subject, look far less enticing and far more annoying.

In the hopes that you, the reader, don't share in my woes, I've found some fun tips on how to stay organized. Ready? Set. ORGANIZE! :)

1.) An organized life begins with an organized room. Take some time out of your busy schedule to fold the dirty clothes and sort the mess of papers, and you'd be surprised with how far it gets you. Not only will a cleaner room clear your mind, but it might actually help you find the Algebra homework that you lost a week ago.

2.) Make a hot date with your books. Try to spend one hour a day on Facebook and Twitter and replace this time with studying appointments. Think about it. All teenagers are superior procrastinators. If things aren't well organized or written down for us to remember them, we often just give up entirely. Maybe if you schedule an hour-long studying appointment in your daily planner, you'll stick to it. This'll boost that B up to an A in your hardest class, and it'll get your parents off your back. :)

3.) As much as we'd like to think we are, teenagers are NOT nocturnal. This means that you should go to sleep on time rather than staying up until two in the morning surfing Tumblr and watching reruns of Degrassi: The Next Generation. The less sleep you get, the less sharp you'll be in the morning, and the more likely you'll be to forget things at home. And teachers are not always very forgiving creatures, my friends. :(

4.) From bored to board. One widely-used organization technique is a dry erase board. Not only is this a re-usable way to record important upcoming meeting and test dates, but you can personalize it to your heart's extent!

5.) C U L8R. Of course you're not going to remember what was said in your history class today if you spent the whole period texting Jessica about how Bobby totally just checked you out. A key to staying organized is knowing the material which you're organizing. Sorted papers and color coordination don't much matter when you don't know what any of it means. Try to focus in class--difficult, I know (especially if you have one of those drone-y type teachers...)--and maybe wait until lunch to discuss yours and Bobby's wedding plans. I'd go with a travel honeymoon, personally.

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