Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The Peace Labyrinth

About a year back my schools' art association put together a peace labyrinth to promote peace around the school. It's a nice place for students and teachers to go when they have time during their stressful or busy lives to help them keep calm and continue with their work.

I for one often visit and walk the labyrinth which some how finds a way to make me feel better when I finally finish walking it. I usually would sit there after Im done with after school activities while I wait for my bus so I'll have somewhere quiet to work at.

But for some reason now at my school, we aren't allowed to visit the peace labyrinth, what's up with that?

It's not like it's a place where students are going to go hide and do things that they shouldn't be doing, it's in plain sight. Now I would understand if a group kids were caught smoking over there a few times or if people skipped classes and hung out over there but no, instead they just decided we can't sit over there anymore.

Do they even understand how much we need something like this. Our school had and still have pretty much of a bad reputation and this labyrinth is suppose to help. It's a peace labyrinth, by telling us we can't visit, it's just like promoting fighting and war. What was the point of letting it be built if you won't let anyone use it?

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