Monday, October 10, 2011

End of an Era

During any time, it's difficult to tell exactly which men, objects, or events will come to symbolize and represent that time in the future, but with Steve Jobs and the early 21st century, the opposite was true. Jobs' Apple products dominated the beginning years of the 2000s, changing music, communications, information. The popular image of the Pabst-drinking, bearded hipster with an iPod and an ironic t-shirt was shaped by reliance on Jobs' products.

But more than just the loss of the visionary technologies, Jobs' passing marks what may be the end of a revolution in how we process information. The products marketed by Apple completely changed visual media and linked the world together. This rapid technological change has been the primary thing identifying the times we live in. With Jobs gone, this period of change may have come to an end.

Jobs' passing then, is more than just a visionary's death, but an epoch's ending.

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