Monday, October 3, 2011

What is psychology?

I was at orchestra today, and a new member joined today:) she happened to be my close friend's sister, her name is Sarah. My close friend is in my orchestra class as well. What was really interesting and caught me off guard was that I could not help but notice that my friend looks soooooo similiar to her sister, I mean they both have the same eyes, eye brows, nose, and teeth. They are both musically talented too! How is this related to psychology you may ask, I'm going to tell you, this has everything to do with psychology! The genes that are passed down from their parents, makes up the genetic makeup, which shows why they look alike; their genes that determine their eye color, eye brows, nose, and teeth! What psychology goes in depth too is environment, which means that even though they have the same appearance, they surely do not have the same personality even though raised in the same household.

When one thinks of psychology, what does one perceive? Do they think of one sending a classmate to a psychologist after the classmate believes that what they exhibited is bad? Or does one think of therapists, rather than psychologists that pop into one's mind and get the wrong misconception. Either way, psychology is known when the study of the mind and how one could think. Stay tuned on psych (short for psychology 101), and be prepared for a journey of amazement, wonder, and laughter :)

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