Monday, October 3, 2011


The much dreaded PSAT is next week! **simultaneous groans of complaints**

For all the freshman and sophomores out there, don't worry, the test doesn't really count. All it is for is to see where you are academically in terms of the SAT.

For all the juniors out there, this test is to basically see if you will get national merit. (Which looks amazing on college apps!)

Bottom line is, you want to do well on this test.

**nerves kicking in**

Here are some semi-helpful tips and strategies you can use during/before the PSAT:

1. Do all the "normal" things you would do before a test. (Get plenty of rest, eat a good breakfast, etc.)

2. Bring peppermints with you! Besides making your breath fresh, they actually help you concentrate!

3. You are allowed to omit on the test, so if you don't know, don't put an answer. For instance, say you don't know the answer but you guess the letter C...and it was will get a point off and 1/4 of a point deducted for putting the wrong answer. BUT, if you don't put any answer, you only get 1 point off.

4. Usually, in the math section... There are 20 questions: 1-10 are easy (first half) 11-15 (medium) and 16-20 (hard) if you're bad at math, focus more on 1-10.

5. Bring a number 2 pencil & a calculator.

6. HAVE FUN! haha

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Alison said...

Hey, loved ur post!

I took the PSATs last yr, but these are great tips:) another tip that I personally learned from is to get exercise, because if I'm just sitting down, I feel like a couch potato. Thus, hindering my ability to concentrate on my test.