Monday, October 3, 2011

May I Buy a Muffin?

So today at lunch I actually had money and i decided instead of eating my schools' fail at cheeseburgers I would get myself a muffin that they sell in the lines. After I put in my number I ask for a muffin so the lady gets it for me and ask begins typing it in on the new cash register.
But when she was done on the cash register she took the muffin back and told me I owe 95 cent from middle school and I couldn't buy anything while I owed them money.
Now how do I owe the cafeteria 95 cent from middle school and they don't tell me anything until my senior year when I decide to buy something from them. I would understand if they would've told me this my freshman year when I first left but nope, they decided to wait till I wanted something from them.
How did they expect me to pay it before when they didn't tell me I owed them anything, I have free lunch, it's not like I didn't pay for a couple of days. And if I didn't have free lunch why would I owe them 95 cent? What, I only had a nickel to pay for something in middle school so they took that and told me to pay the rest later when I had money?
Well today I ended up only eating some fries and drinking some juice since they decided not to just let me get the muffin so I'll have something other than the cheeseburger (or at least that's what they claim it to be) to eat. I would complain about having to pay for something I didn't buy in middle school but who cares, at least it's only a dollar. Plus, at least I don't have to pay for their crap every day.

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