Monday, October 10, 2011

Fall Fever!

I've always loved autumn. When I lived in New Hampshire, fall seasons were amazing, we'd spend almost every night drinking hot apple cider, going pumpkin picking and decorating with our apartments our rooms with autumn room decor and scented candles. But in South Florida, fall always seems to come late! It's October 10, and the temperature when I came home from school at 3 was 96 degrees F. I couldn't believe it. Fall is supposed to be about the warm colors, the amazing weather, and the festivities! South Florida always gets the memo late, since our cold weather comes usually around late November. I just wish that for one year we could have the stereotypical fall season the rest of the United States gets. Chilly days, cuddly evenings, snow flakes gently falling in the morning, those gorgeous red, yellow and orange leaves.. I guess I better move back up north soon!

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