Monday, October 17, 2011

WBHS Homecoming Week- Unlike Any Other!

Every year at West Broward High, the week of homecoming is always madness. The first day is Color Wars; freshman are yellow, sophomores are green, juniors are purple and seniors are black. Then it's "Guess Who Day", when you dress up as a celebrity, "Video Game Character Day" (self-explanatory), Connect 4 Day (grab 3 other friends and go to school matching) and then Spirit Day, when you deck yourself out in the school colors. That Friday night is the homecoming game, where we get to crown the kings/queens of WBHS. I'm not one to usually participate in them too often, but seeing people who go all out are fun to watch. Our homecoming is this Saturday, and while other high schools are having them in swanky hotels for over 80 dollars, ours is going to be in none other than the cafeteria. But don't think too far into it! Last year, our SGA did an amazing job at decorating the place to look better than any Hilton ballroom. Our awesome Principal Trager always joins in the fun, and I love seeing his outfits during the week. For a new high school in Broward County, West Broward is already making it's mark in the craziness of homecoming!

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