Monday, October 3, 2011

Surviving High School: Report Card Blues

This is it: The last few weeks 'till the first report cards of the year, that means stress, cramming and trying to please the 'rents.

My grades are pretty good so far, I have all A's and B's, but one darn C in Biology that doesn't seen to want to go up. This has been an ongoing battle, and I can sadly say that right now, I might be losing.

It is, however, very close to becoming a B, but those gosh darn tests are weighted so heavily, and if I get a bad score on one, my whole grade will go tumbling with it.

All of this aside, my first year of high school is going smoother than I excpected. I am loving every minute of it, where as it was more or less the opposite in Middle School.

My advice for handling those last few shaky weeks before report cards, don't let that one bad grade pull you down, or else you'll be singin' the Report Card Blues.

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