Monday, October 24, 2011


So Thursday during my third period English class my class was told that we had to write Shakespearean sonnets, which I wasn't too happy about. Sure I'm a writer and I also like to write poetry sometimes but sonnets are different. They're evil!!!!

But anyways I got right to work on my sonnet. I knew that i wanted it to be a love sonnet but I wanted it to be different than others. At first I wanted to make it about toilets like I did with a free verse last year but I couldn't think of anything, But I finally found something to write about (even though I didn't right it in iambic pentameter):

My love is far more true than most others,
Which usually brings me nothing but pain.
For I who live with two thieving brothers,
have to find myself happiness in vain.
I feel as if something will soon go wrong,
Between our families that could be bad.
It will keep us apart for oh so long,
I will always and forever be sad.
But I know that our love is far more great,
And that we could always find other ways,
To keep alive what a love-able fate,
that is to go on for many countless days.
And for my love of pop-tarts is so keen,
It's much stronger than those of other teens.

I hope you guys liked it, I wrote it the morning that I had to preform it.

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