Monday, October 17, 2011

The power of a myth

Tom the zebra was the his district’s most renowned chef. He was an incredible chef as he made lovely rice dumplings in many different shapes and sizes. In his rice dumplings existed in different various colors-it existed from brown to orange. It contained luscious mushrooms, mouth-watering, deboned meat, and organic eggs. He attracted so many girl zebras. Although Tom was not interested in any girl zebras, there was one that caught his eye. This beautiful Zebra went by the name of Candy. Tom decided to ask Candy out. Candy, flattered and thought she was in love with him, went out with Tom.
Tom had the time of his life. Until he met Candy, he never understood what it meant to be in love. Aside from the kisses, flirtations, and love words that they exchanged onto each other, Tom’s favorite part of their togetherness was when Tom would come home from a long hard day of work-making rice dumplings non-stop-and Candy would surprise Tom by creeping behind him as he unlocked the door and would tackle and wrestle him to the floor. The two would continue just teasing each other the rest of the time as the night sky rolled across the sunset sky, and ended up spending the night watching the stars.
Tom, besides earning a living through his rice dumplings, was also a doctor with a degree in psychology and an understanding on radiology (x-rays) Tom was a well-respected doctor (gastroenterologist) and one day, he had to go out of his district for a business trip to announce his new discovery on curing stomachaches. While Tom was gone, Candy was a very good-looking zebra and unfortunately only liked Tom because of the amount of money that he earned. Candy, while in a relationship with Tom, this whole time was cheating on him and was physically attracted to Tanks. This whole time Tom never found out, but one day as Tom had a day off on his business trip, he was touring the city of Paris, where his business trip was located, and he saw a zebra that looked like the same exact replica as Candy, except this zebra had an orange wig. This orange-wigged zebra was laughing at a joke that her zebra boyfriend, Tanks had said. Tom was 75% sure that orange-wigged zebra was Candy. Tom was determined not to feel betrayed just yet. Then, Tom walked up to the couple and asked the orange-wig zebra if he could borrow her phone, Candy, immediately recognizing that the zebra was Tom, sat there motionless and had this stoic look on her face. Tanks, confused, and seeing the look on Candy’s face, asked what’s wrong and being well-mannered, insisted that she let Tom borrowed the phone. Candy, still being reluctant and hesitant to give up her phone, shouted : “All right , all-right, Tom, I’ll confess the truth, I cheated on you for Tanks, ok?!!” She threw down her orange wig and stomped off into the nearest alley to go cry her tears out. Tom and Tanks were very confused, discussed their perspective of Candy and became best buddies who kept in touch with each other, even as they both started their own families. It dawned on Tom that life is a journey and his relationship with Candy resembled Tom being naïve. As for Candy, she ended up not being successful, and not being married and lonely for the rest of her life. It was when she finally became old age that she learned the importance of being faithful.

As you can see, I was using my creative side to compose this myth. Psychology deals with the study of the mind, which involves also neuroscience. According to neuroscience, the right brain deals with creativity. Hope you enjoyed this myth:)

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