Monday, October 24, 2011

The Incredible Catharsis of Submitting College Applications

By Anthony Segreto
Archbishop McCarthy
I never knew that clicking a yellow button that read "SUBMIT" could be so intimidating. But the thoughts that ran through my mind were anxious: "I wrote my name properly, right?" "My essay addresses the prompt, correct?" "Did I enter the ten activities that best represent me?" I could have gone on forever, back and forth, nitpicking at every little detail of my college applications. But on Saturday afternoon, I finally decided to bite the bullet and submit the applications to ten of the schools that I am applying to. To say that the confirmation screen that read "Congratulations! Your application has been submitted." was glorious would be an understatement. Months of writing essays, asking for recommendation letters, sending in transcripts, and perfecting my resume were finally over-my apps were in! I enjoyed the feeling of satisfaction for about ten minutes until I quietly said to myself: "And now we wait."

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