Monday, October 3, 2011

"Let's talk iPhone"

Cypress Bay High School
Tomorrow's Apple event keynote is sure to please customers across the board as new CEO Tim Cook releases the product we are all waiting for: the next iPhone.
Techies around the Internet are buzzing on specifics as far as what exactly will be released tomorrow morning.
The new iOS5 release date will most likely be revealed, bringing entirely new features to the operating system - this includes the interesting iCloud addition. After being presented at the Worldwide Developers Conference in June, the OS has received positive feedback.
The iPhone 4S, a cheaper version of the latest iPhone, will probably be the only phone announced tomorrow. After iPhone 4S information appeared in the latest iTunes beta, this prediction became confirmed.
iPhone 4S specs include more RAM, possibly improved camera and design and the new, faster A5 processor. New voice control systems have been built, including voice navigation. The lower price point should convince more customers to switch to iPhones as well.
Chances are slim to none that any news on an iPhone 5 will be revealed at the keynote. Little evidence has been found that it is ready for release.
iPod touches have previously been announced during iPhone events, so it is possible an improved iPod will soon be available. The now "old-fashioned" iPod classics should begin phasing out as the iPod touch takes over.
Anyone interested in tomorrow's keynote can follow live updates through Twitter via those present at the event and video of the presentation should be up on Apple's official website soon after the announcements.

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